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A compendium of reference books that provide detailed information on the countries of the world, region by region. An ideal tool for teachers, students, home schools, travelers and just about anyone who is interested in exploring the world.
"This Library of Interactive E-books Is the Quickest and Easiest Way For Every Busy Teacher And Busy Parent To Find Up-to-date Information On Any Country In The World"

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  • ​Saves you a bunch of time doing research for any school project 
  • ​Gives you an easier way to find information on the the countries of the world, region by region, there are so many!!
  • ​Allows your students to work on their own, an easy and safe tool
  • Allows you to access the information any time and on any device
  • ​Free of intrusive advertisements, gets straight to the point

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My Travel Globe Library Gives You Instant Access To Information On  Countries Around the World

  • Maps
  • ​Location
  • ​By Region
  • ​Size
  • ​Climate
  • Government
  • ​People
  • ​Language
  • ​Religion
  • ​Popluation
  • Flags
  • ​National Anthems on Songs
  • ​National Symbols
  • ​National Days
  • ​And more...

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Hello wonderful soul,

Thank you for visiting our site. Whether you are here to get this great body of work or just out of curiosity, we want to share a little bit about how we got here today.

A few years ago, we published the Islands of the Caribbean Sea Reference Book and the response was so great that we decided to add to it with the other regions of the world. We recognized that a hard copy presented a lot of challenges and required frequent new editions as information about countries changed. So we switched to this format which is more easily available, environmentally friendly and cost efficient. Plus we get to update the information as changes occur. Just a few clicks of the mouse or a swipe here and there and up-to-date information is yours. We have done all the heavy lifting for you. Isn't that so much better?

It has been a long journey of love putting all this together but we love helping any way we can. We know first hand how time consuming research is, especially for busy teachers and parents, so this is just to lighten your load. There are so many benefits to having this, but one of the best part is that you can have your children go through the books and not have to worry about any advertisements popping up. We think it's really a cool tool and are glad you have decided to check this out. See you on the inside!

The Team at My Travel Globe
Still on the fence? Don't just take our word for it
Check out what was said about the very first publication...
" Islands of the Caribbean Sea Reference Book" is an excellent compilation of basic but valuable information that every student at the primary and secondary education levels needs to have at his fingertips...I endorse ‎and recommend highly [it] "
-Rt Hon Dr Denzil L Douglas, 
Former Prime Minister
" Islands of the Caribbean Sea provides readers with a tour of the Caribbean Islands giving pertinent local information about each one....I highly recommend it as a learning guide to anyone desirous of expanding his/her knowledge of the Caribbean Islands."
-Hon Shawn Richards, 
Former Deputy Prime Minister
" The book is an excellent supplemental resource for the current primary Social Studies curriculum. It also provides for the development of inquiry-based projects which would make learning about the Caribbean region fun. "
-Ms Sharon Rattan, Permanent Secretary
" The Social Studies booklet was given to teachers for perusal and they all felt that it is a very informative one. Most of them felt it could be used both at the Primary and Secondary level. It is student friendly and parents can use it to assist the children when they are doing research. Personally, I think all students should have a personal copy. "
-Mrs Icilma Springer, Principal
" After perusing the book with some staff members, we found the book quite interesting. We think that this book would be quite useful in the primary school. It gives a wealth of information about the Caribbean islands. The book also covers several areas in the Social Studies curriculum and can also aid with the teaching of General Knowledge."
- Mrs Janell Williams-Jacobs, Principal 
" This book teaches me a lot about the Caribbean. I like the fun word puzzles and the pictures of the national symbols."
-Yahneal - student
" It is comprehensive, yet simple enough for my son to study on his own"
-Cleotha - parent
As You Can Clearly See...
Our first book, The Islands of the Caribbean Sea Reference Book, was well received. Just imagine having access to all that and more at your fingertips, easily accessible, online, any time, from any device. 

So Who Is This For?

Teachers - looking for additional resources to increase efficiency
Parents needing to save time doing research
Homeschoolers - Another great tool to use
Children who love to learn and explore
And anyone wanting information on the countries around globe, all in one easy to access place
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